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    AbstractWwW.zIdiR.coM Medical colleges undertake the mission of cultivating health personnel with high quality.Medical students are in a crucial period of forming outlook on world, on life and on value and in the transitional stage to society.They will have to bear the sacred mission of healing the the wounded and rescuing the dying and shoulder the special responsibility of our countrys health care development and peoples health.Medical students should not only master the profound knowledge and excellent skills,but also have high ethics. Facing peoples growing demand for health services, deep reformation of medical sanitary system, major changes in patterns of health services and the rapid development of medical science,medical students need to master content such as care for patients, respect for life, etc. that is related to professional attitude, professional feeling and professional norms and establish the professional ethics and values that medical activities require. Therefore, we should innovate the work of ideological and political education, do a good job in moral and professional qualities, promote comprehensive development of medical students, cultivate a team with professional quality, practical ability and innovative spirit to serve for socialist modernization construction.This article is divided into three parts.Part one expounds on a new situation that Chinas ideological and political education face and the urgency of its innovation. It points out that scientific development view provide a solid theoretical foundation for ideological and political education. It analyzes dual influence of modern information technology on it.Part two analyzes the current quality of medical college students in the moral status from ideas, values, ethics aspects. It discusses the achievement of innovation in ideology education and points out its shortcomings. First, it overemphasizes the response to the studentsthoughts and lacks attention to its deep causes.Second, it overemphasizes general education and is lack of professional ethics education and the related contents.Third, it overemphasizes political principles education. Incentives to social responsibility of the educated are relatively weak. Fourth, it overemphasizes technical education. The inculcation of medical concept about "human-oriented" is not enough.Fifth, it overemphasizes professional education. Humanistic education is relatively weak. It discusses the causes of insufficient innovation: utilitarian tendency interfere innovative power, incompatible views constraints innovative consciousness, insufficient social awareness influences innovative enthusia** and so on.Part three makes the innovation thoughts from the perspective of medical education. First, change the concepts of the ideological and political education in medical schools and build the concepts of moral education first and subjective education. Second, enrich the content of ideological and political education in medical schools.Third, integrate the ideological and political education curriculum system in medical schools. Establish dependent course modules and course groups around the training goal of medical education and integrate curriculum resources of ideological and political education. Ideology and culture course modules set four course groups: political theory group,methodology group, cultural group,and cross ology. Fourth, means and method innovation of ideological and political education in medical colleges.

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    Key words medical colleges ideological and political education innovation
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